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  1. yeah im good
  2. damn...but you're ok right?
  3. yeah i had broke both axles to avoid an accident...thanks for asking
  4. is everythin ok? say ur car on the side of 20...i couldn't get over in time to stop
  5. i hang out and work my other job over this way. i haven't seen your integra in a while..oh sorry almost forgot 155 for it to look right. almost a "V-shape" pattern with the stars correct?
  6. yo 5 stars across my chest how much and i see you like everyday in my area...yoiu live out here now?
  7. aiight apreciate that...
  8. nope,no extra cash. i'll pass the msg on though
  9. yo if you still interested or know somebody that wants the seats, im selling them now
  10. oh ok...
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