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  1. well i always figured deisel was more stable than pump gas. so i imagine it'd be a lot of air/fuel adjustments. so tuning would be up to what your goal for the car was. i mean in theory
  2. Yeah it has good torque numbers. I just wonder how tuneable it is.
  3. i kinda like the new turbo deisel jetta
  4. I like the mkv. I haven't seen the sedan mkvi yet, just the Golf and Jetta wagon. I can't tell if I like the new gen better or not yet.
  5. what you think of the new jetta?
  6. Oh ok. Yeah I used to have a mk3 Jetta. I've been thinking about getting another as a daily driver.
  7. the wheels on the TC in your old sig. and i checked out your photo blog.
  8. Mazda, VW, Toyota in that order lol. But what made you notice?
  9. i had a feeling you were a VW fan.
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