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  1. my aunt used to say that "great responsiblity" thing when i was a kid. but that first spiderman movie made it but hope everything else is cool. and i only asked bout the carolina drift thing becuz i saw it on the tat shop's myspace.
  2. "with great power comes great responsiblity" - that's wisdom right there... The swap is, currently on hold. We are frying bigger fish and I'll probably stay within a stone's throw for drift events, so no "out of staters"...
  3. ah i see,with great power comes great but i bet 4 grand sounds awesome. hows the old skool corolla swap goin? and did you go to that south carolina drift thing?
  4. nah, I just went up to like 6k in first gear and turned off into racetrac.
  5. you got reved on? and raced the 86 coupe?
  6. check out the rig shots ch@dbee did of my car in the car pics section
  7. for real? let me know when you post that vid.
  8. What's up, man... got your msg. Yeah, I picked up the Oct issue of Perf. VW a couple weeks ago. --gonna post a vid soon.
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