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  1. Because it is a link duh
  2. Have no idea what that is [IMG][IMG]

    Nope didnt work lol
  3. Yeah, you have to put [IMG] tags around it
  4. figured i didnt host it lol..
  5. Mean person your attempt to rep me a pic failed.
  6. What does JDM have to do with anything?
  7. LOL yeah sure hide behind the tits but with every good pair a less attractive attitude lol.. you talk about competition like you know me i will destroy you.. Im not not a push over I get it done and done right.. and i don't role jdm
  8. No, my boobs are really that big in person
    You are no competition for me suh.
  9. Some 1s got some big Ones over the net.. lol but cant back that shit up not if your my competition.. hahaha Game over and you haven't even started..
  10. Oh it ain't over until the fat lady sings and I just ain't in the singing mood! So don't get scared shawty! I mean I would be scared too if I were you, so therefore I understand
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