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  1. do close to speedlimit=less problems
  2. lol nah it's not that... When I use to go out there it took me like 20-30 min..... Going 100+.... I just don't want to deal with the cops over there... But I'm trying to swing over there this week or weekend cause I need one before I go to NY...
  3. i guess 2nd gen integras don't get very good mpg? you're like the 3rd one concerned about the
  4. Lol damn i didn't know it was that damn far.... That's how long I haven't been to Stone Mountain
  5. 5895 memorial dr. stone mountian 30083. and let me know if you're stopping by,i'll stay later.
  6. ok send me the address so I can mapquest it and I might coming Tuesday depends on if I work r not
  7. you might be right i am feeling the shop is in stone mountain
  8. you lazy fucker... do some damn yo where your shop at? I'm looking to get another tat soon maybe before new years
  9. sup. i had sum spare time at work and found
  10. Yea lol a me that mi lord.... Whats good
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