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  1. Hi.
  2. aye shawity!!
  3. Shiiiiit, i need to change ALOT of stuff on my myspace. that's for damn sure.
  4. I haven't decided how long I'll go MIA for. Actually been thinking about deleteing my facebook for a little bit. But I like knowing what's going on, lol. Who knows.. lol.
  5. Don't hate on my facebook statuses! LOL. I haven't posted on there in forever, I deleted 500+ people so now I have about 245 people. THANK GOD! I have all my stuff blocked so no one can see my pictures or info or where I live. I'm going MIA for a bit
  6. Ohhh so I don't have to talk to people. If they want to talk to me they can leave me something on facebook from now on... lol. Barely on there, just my phone stays logged in. And if something interesting happens that day, it gets posted.. lol. Trying to stay MIA for a bit, i like being low key and not having people know who i'm with and where i'm at... that's how drama starts, lol. Hope you're doing well sir :] Happy New Years as well!
  7. Sowwy! I usually have my phone on airplane mode, which everyone complains about. Trying to stay MIA for a bit... lol. I've turned into a real biotch! Ooooops!
  8. Bishhhhh plz!
  9. LOL just annoying ya :P
  10. ay shaw*y.
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