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  1. np thankx again.
  2. yeah my bad, jadakid had told me you were looking for a 2.3 turbo to put in a ranger. lol i guess he just figured 2.3 fords were all turbo?!? lol. welll if you do decided to turbo it let me know. and if i come across ranger engine i'll let you know.
  3. stock replacement 96 ranger
  4. oh ok i'm sorry, 8 plug, so you need something from a ranger? what is your hp goal? both mine are 4 plug from the merkur xr4ti. same as turbocoupe and mustang svo. the dual plug heads are a smoother running engine but don't have as much potential as the turbo engines. some of us swap over to the dual plug ranger heads for streetability but for all out power, that's not the way to go. check out, and for more info. you can also check yeah i know most this stuff is merk specific but it applies to 2.3 turbos generally. good luck and if i come across anything i'll let you know. i work at a dealer/shop so i might. what is your price range? i might be able to get you one through S & W a lil more pricey than an individual but with warranty.
  5. i need a 8 plug 2.3
  6. weren't you looking for a ford 2.3 turbo engine? i have one, actually 2. let me know if interested. 770 875 9390

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