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  1. yep already seen it, but I already have to much paste wax. I was hoping it was a deal for there liguid form!
  2. If your a member of Autogeeks VIP club (free if i remember right) they are doing a bogo on Pinnacle Souveran.
  3. IM glad to know there are people on IA who do take care of paint. I want to post up some pics of other details I have done, but I dont want to start having threads closed because it could potentially be business without cutting in IA.
  4. oh no no no. I dont think you are. I was just curious. Just like in Southernstyles thread me and him where talking about it. Hes also has his own mobile business!
  5. It didnt need massive correction, thus only the need for #83 Cleaner/polish. Please dont think im trying to take business away, I just wanted to post up some pics.
  6. wow you really do, just do it for fun. But I guess with no correction used on the paint, and just a general clean thats pretty good. Just curious I own my own company and contract for one of the sponsors on here.
  7. For that car, I charged $100. I worked on it for half the day Friday, a good part of the day yesterday, and a few hours this morning.
  8. Because some of the supplies you have are production style things. That M3 you did, what did you charge someone for that?
  9. Nope, I do it more so for fun out of my house. What made you think I worked at a dealership?
  10. I take it you work at a dealership detailing?
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