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  1. where u been joto
  2. how come i just seen that comment you left on here?? haha
  3. ya tu sabes yo soy sucia con mi novio.. jking.. i felt like saying that

    i dont have any dirty secrets.
  4. touche!

    and im not telling
  5. lol im sure he does.. whats ur secrets??
  6. No i dont hit him

    lol actually if he has "secrets" its best i DONT know about them
  7. OH HE KNOWS! lol i make damn sure
  8. lol i was kidding.
    he knows whats up
  9. asshole.. i wish a bitch would touch my man. shit would be on like white on rice!
    haha jk...kinda
  10. yall have a good relationship! lol
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