Up for sale is my HKS EVC 6 boost controller kit. This is brand new and have never been unwrapped, installed, or used. It will come as the complete kit as if you were to buy/purchase it from HKS or ebay.

Contact/sellers inforamation:
Name: June
Location: Atlanta Ga 30062
Item condition: New
Item price: 600 shipped
Phone: 404-207-6106 Call or text anytime
Payment method: Cash or paypal

This boost controller goes for over 700 bucks plus shipping anywhere on the web, look it up your self. This is a steal!

This HKS EVC is an electronic boost controller designed to improve upon previous generations. New improvements include better boost stability at high RPMs and high boost to provide more top-end power, and a new mapping feature to fine-tune for throttle+RPM (or vehicle speed). This unit is capable of handling up to 250kPa, or 36PSI.

Features include:

Map correction fine tuning for TPS, RPM, speed, or combination
Dual boost mode setting
Scramble boost functionality
Metric or SAE units
Preset warning levels
Analog or digital boost level display capability

This boost controller is one of the best units in the market.