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Thread: ATL GS300/400/430 Aftermarket part out (coilovers, visors, bushings etc)

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    Default ATL GS300/400/430 Aftermarket part out (coilovers, visors, bushings etc)

    Hi Everyone,

    Selling the parts off a GS300 that is no more.

    $900 BC Racing coilovers 10k/8k (excellent condition ~3500 miles) - comes with rear extenders

    $110 OEM Toyota GS/Aristo Window visors (excellent condition, no cracks, comes with all clips, need to reapply 3M tape)

    $20 Fitted OEM Toyota/Lexus sunshade

    $170 PSB/ADUS bushing kit. BNIB - front strut rod, rear axle carrier, rack & pinion

    $45 OEM style badgeless grille (broken screw mounts in the rear)

    All items are located in Atlanta. GA.

    Local sales only. No shipping at this time.
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    Still got the visors? Hit me up 404-337-0458

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