Hey everyone, if you're in the Atlanta area could you keep an eye out for my car? There are pics in of my car in my members ride area. Or if you see any parts on the internet PM me or post them here.

I knew this day would eventually come, but not this soon. My car was literally empty, with barely an interior, bad paint and some rims and someone still wanted it. I just got my last emissions test too. I'm just really disgusted more than anything. They won't get any value out of a $600 car with a few parts tacked on. I don't understand, well I guess I understand do not assume what a thief is willing to take.

Edit: I stay in Tucker...so that would Stone Mountain ish area

My car has cb7tuner stickers on it. I'll upload more pictures and a mod list soon. Thank you to anyone that helps out.-20150524_195518_zpsji1vtyna-jpg