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Thread: (ATL) my old 96 Golf (Dark Demon) was stolen from Fairmount GA please keep an eye out

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    Default (ATL) my old 96 Golf (Dark Demon) was stolen from Fairmount GA please keep an eye out

    Hey fellas.. I dont know what to do about this but if you can please pass the word around.. reaching out to the locals is the best I can do in the emotional state im in now...

    they stole my golf in its current state (body with no motor.)

    It was stolen out of my storage unit(plus they cleaned out my home there)

    please keep an eye out for parts from it there are some unique parts on it that may give it away.. the completely shaved bay, large flared fenders, audi handles, and sprinter vent are the big giveaway..

    and please please pass it around.. I dont even know where to start as I am crushed by what has happened.. I was going to get her back up on her feet sooner than later.. but I guess thieves had other plans.. It would have been a little different if this happened in ATL but way up there I dont even know.. but please pass the word around..

    thank you..

    Im not even sure who to notify about any leads... *sigh

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    Oh wow....

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