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Thread: Tell me how you feel about The Story of your Enslavement (video)

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    Default Tell me how you feel about The Story of your Enslavement (video)

    I've watched this, many times, and I cannot help but agree with the ideas presented here. I've thought for years, that the "threats" on foreign soil were just smoke and mirrors to get people to back ill-planned government decisions that are designed to benefit a very small number of people...and not your average citizen. The whole "fighting for your freedom" campaign of the past 10 years is incredibly wrong. Now please don't take this as me disrespecting those who are directly involved, those who have lost their lives, I commend them as unbelievably brave people. However, I feel we've been led to believe that such actions must be taken, yet, with no actual thread to our "freedoms." If anything, these "freedoms" we are "fighting" for have been pulled away from us, if not, removed all together. Just look at all of the things that have been implemented on us since this whole crapstorm started. Anyway, that's just one example of what the video discusses about perceived outside threats to force us to comply with their ideas and actions. I can also see this applied on some levels to religion and it being a "cage" to those who think there is no other way to live. Simple fact- religion has been the leading cause of human death for thousands of years.

    So take 13 minutes to watch this and let's have a discussion about it.

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    I don't even need to watch the video.

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