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Thread: 87 prelude from Marietta

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    Default 87 prelude from Marietta

    Hello ImportAtlanta family, the names Calin and I just recently got a 1987 honda prelude. It has a white exterior with a blue interior. Pretty mint condition. The cars a 5 speed with the A20 motor.

    I don't know much about this car but I had a pretty general idea of what I wanted to do with the car. I was thinking of doing a h22 swap but due to the cost and time needed for modifications for the swap, I sided otherwise. I've been thinking to gradually build the engine and transmission to be a fully built NA A20si.

    I'm currently having a issue with the vehicle bogging down under load. When the car is idling it idles on a mild roughness scale but when you press and hold down the throttle the car will bog down till it sounds like it's going to die. Same thing happens when you try to tap the gas quickly. One problem I've already diagnosed is the fuel pump makes a lot of noise so I'm figuring that has gone wrong so this week I will be doing a fuel pump switch along with changing out the fuel filter(next update w/pics). One thing that I did notice when I last looked under the car was there was a notch that was rusted out. The notch looked like there was a fuel/air line that ran from that notch to something else. I don't know if it was indeed something at one point but I want to get the car diagnosed by a mechanic to see what he says. I did my first tune up ever 2 weeks ago on it. I'm new to Georgia coming from Orlando and missing all my auto connects. If there's a mechanic that knows about these cars please get in contact with me.

    Other then that I'm excited to join the group and get the car out in the community.
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    Welcome, and congratulations on the purchase! The Georgia Prelude Club is a club for all Honda Preludes in GA and would love to have you join us Check out our Facebook group: GPC Facebook Group

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