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Thread: hey guys new member here

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    Default hey guys new member here

    So I've always come onto IA for plenty of reasons, especially when looking for meets. So I figured I should go ahead and make an account. Unfortunately, I dont have an import yet :c but I'm working on getting a GSR. Ive always sorta whored over DC2s and a couple of my closest friends have Hondas now, an EP3 Si and a BB6 so I suppose I need to show them up with an older but faster Honda. Haha. My current daily is my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4. It's got a 6 inch suspension lift on 37"s. It's got a 5.9 V8 with a fresh rebuild, including a bigger cam. My project is my 1970 Chevy Nova with a 383 Stroker. I'm having a bit of trouble posting pictures right now, but I'll post some of the current projects and the GSR when I get her sometime this year, and I look forward to making some friends on here. Thanks guys

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    welcome to the site!!!

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