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Thread: LOTS of Evo 8/9 Multi Part SALE. Engine/Interior/Exterior (OEM/AFTMRKT)

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    Default LOTS of Evo 8/9 Multi Part SALE. Engine/Interior/Exterior (OEM/AFTMRKT)

    Hey guys.

    To contact me with ANY QUESTIONS, Text my Cell 478-456-1804. I Will answer you as soon as I can, i have a life outside of parts so don't get your butthole all wet when i dont answer 2 seconds after you message me. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's difficult to get to my Evom inbox on my phone. This is to save us both time. {thumbup}:mitsu:
    I just sold my last of my 3 Evos.
    Throughout the time of owning all 3 I've collected misc. parts. Now that they are gone i have no use for them on my 93 Talon.

    Now these prices are slightly flexible and DO NOT include shipping. I will however ship at the Buyers expense. Thanks for looking.

    ***I Will Also trade for 90-94 Eagle Talon TSI/Eclipse GSX/Laser Rs Parts, You get the drift. . I Will Also Trade For Handguns, Shotguns and Long Rifles.
    I'm a Glock Man so....***

    2004 Evolution VIII USDM Rear Bumper (Silver Frost in Color, Not Apex Silver) with Rexspeed Carbon Fiber Exhaust Shield and tinted tail markers. Comes with Rear Support Bar As well. (Not Shipping) - $200

    APR Formula GT3 Carbon Fiber Blue Tinted Slim Mirrors - $95 [Sold]

    Unsure, Upper Intercooler piping (Comes with Silicone clamps) i believe it's steel. - $50

    OEM Upper/Lower Intercooler Pipes and Air Intake Piping (With Airbox K&N) - $50

    2003-2005 Evolution 8 OEM Tailights - $50

    2004 Evolution 8 Headlights Professionally Tint/Painted (Very Nice Quality, Not some "Nightshade") - $450 [Sold]

    QuarterMaster V-Drive "Push Style" 7.25 Twin Disc Cluth Assembly (This was slipping and had a bent floater when i had it pulled out but i have a new disc and floater plate.) - $420

    Injen Upper Intercooler Piping with Water/Meth Nozzles & Sensors welded in - $20

    2003 Evolution 8 OEM Front Right & Left Axles (Sold as a pair)- $80 [Sold]

    2003-2006 Evolution 8 OEM Driveshaft - $50

    2003 Evolution 8 Center Console with Shift boot - $15 [Sold]

    2003 Evolution 8 OEM Radio/CD Player - $15

    2003 Evolution 8 (BNIB) Nogoly Hotwires - $80

    2003 Evolution 8 OEM Cast Turbo Exhaust Manifold - $45

    2003 Evolution 8 OEM Turbo O2 Housing - $5

    2003 Evolution 8 Ebay Turbo O2 Housing - $5 [Sold]

    2003 Evolution 8 OEM Oil Cool with lines - $140

    Aquamist HFS Pump - $40

    Ingalls Torque Damper - $70 [Sold]

    Perrin Stealth Front Mount Intercooler (Not Shipping) - $400

    2003 Evolution 8 Front & Rear Water/Washer tanks (comes with the OEM Denso Pumps attached) Sold as a pair - $20

    2003 Evolution 8 Rally Red Front Bumper. No lip. (Not shipping) - $150

    2003-2005 Fog Light Switch with Surrounding Graphite Cluster - $20

    2003-2005 Rexspeed Carbon Fiber Airduct (Driver's Side Only) - $15 [Sold]

    2003-2006 OEM Side Markers Sold as a pair - $10

    *Only part not in the Overall picture is the Rally Red Front Bumper, It's in Storage.

    93' Talon TSi/1G
    00' Civic EX/EJ8 "Cilina"
    03' Evo VIII GSR/CT9A"Evonia"

    04' Evo VIII SSL/CT9A "Evolynn"

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    Pics? Interested in front bumper PM me.
    IA's finest

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    got any evo 8 stock wheels? also what style is the tail lights? red, clear or black ? post pic of tail lights if you could. the link you got post for the pictures has been deleted.

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