I am selling my 1990 civic EX. it has a b16a swap with working AC. it just had a new alternator installed and hub bearing less than 2k miles ago.

it is an older car so it does have a few issues. I've put over 37,000 miles on the car since i put it together and have had great reliability from it.

b16 swap with good compression, and runs strong with DC 4-1 header and intake installed.
working AC.
power windows and locks, decent radio with usb
reliable daily and good gas mileage (~30mpg)
clean interior and good tires
wideband O2 (Zietronix), and chipped ECU with custom tune included.
should respond very nicely to aftermarket exahust
it is a 1990 so it is emissions exempt
i have lots of parts that can come with the car (wiring harnesses hoses and honda parts for EF's

dash illumination currently does not work.
trans grinds when shifting above 4000rpm
it uses some oil (qt every 2000 miles) and it drips some coolant from the lower radiator hose
LR window does not go down
keyless entry sometimes does not lock
cruise is not yet working (should be a quick fix, everything is setup)

please shoot me a pm if you want to take a closer look, or check out the link for higher res pics.