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Thread: 2004 Acura MDX motor swap

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    Default 2004 Acura MDX motor swap

    Hey guys I have a 2004 MDX & the motors done (180k miles ,water in oil /blown head)

    I called Nad & he said he had a couple of j35 but his books say a 2004 MDX motor ONLY will use a 2004 motor .... Is this true??

    I just found a 2002 MDX at u-wrench & I'm thinking about getting it....

    I THOUGHT all j35 will swap with one another .... Can someone please shed some light, got to get my wife truck back on the road

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    I'm not a Honda/Acura guy, but I did some quick research. You have the J35A5 in the 2004 MDX. It looks like the J35A5 was used in the 2003-2006 MDXs. The 2003 model made very slightly less power - about 5 hp less, so there is some small change there, but it looks like that came from an exhaust system change (from single to dual exhaust).

    The 2001-2002 MDXs came with a J35A3, which made less power, used a single exhaust etc. It might work, but I suspect that there are some differences in how the EMS was programmed, since it made a lot less power.

    Since you still need to pass emissions and have it run right for her, you probably want a J35A5 for optimum replacement, instead of trying to get the J35A3 to work - unless someone else here knows that it will specifically work without issue.

    Hollander Interchange Notes:

    If pullout is from MDX 03 (3.5L, VIN 1, 6th digit):
    Fits in 2004 MDX; difference is intake manifold, throttle body and H.P. - 260 H.P.

    If pullout is from MDX 05-06 (3.5L, VIN 1, 6th digit):
    Fits in 2004 MDX; difference is intake manifold, harmonic balancer & camshafts. - 265 H.P.
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