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Thread: Help with h23 with h22 head. IACV/Starting air valve vacuums and coolant lines

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    Default Help with h23 with h22 head. IACV/Starting air valve vacuums and coolant lines

    Im having some trouble figuring out where to rout the coolant lines and vacuum hoses, when i got the car the iacv and starting air solenoid were missing all together and the idle was a little rough. The car needs a tune and has stage 2 cams in it so idk how much that has to do with the idle problem. Ive also read that some people delete their iacv and starting air valves all together. Any help is appreciated

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    Hopefully, you didn't route the coolant lines into the plenum of the intake manifold, then your screwed. No coolant should be entering into the intake chamber where the fuel and air mixes. Only vaccuum lines should be routed to it,, trust me you'll know what I mean. Coolant lines should only be routed to the IACV solenoid. If you go to any Honda parts website, and search for a prelude parts diagram. It will help you out somewhat. If you still confused, let me know and ill be glad to post a picture diagram on here...
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