The Habitual Line Steppers

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  1. Ed
    I crossed a line by joining this group, cause I roll like that.
  2. RandomGuy
    habitually... we are the secret trolling society of IA... no one must know... invite only 1337's
  3. rehab
    Of course I had to be a part of this.

    Owning people comes naturally to me and trolling doesn't take much effort. 14 year old newbs to the innertubes could troll people -especially IA.
  4. Paul
    nice name for this group - keep out the noobs and drama queens
  5. rehab
    And if I may add.

    Only shit talkers with skills should be invited to this cult. That means we get rid of sammich, catnip, alvin, got purp, paul, and any other people who claim to have a dick, but walk around with ovaries.
  6. rehab
    Paul, unless you can use your admin powers to help the cause your presense here isn't necessary. It would be cool as hell if you used your admin powers to own the fuck out of people, but as an admin you cannot without having people rebel 'n shit. Fucking pussies I tell ya.
  7. RandomGuy
    we can just delete motherfuckers as we see fit lol... with a name like habitual line steppers no explanation is needed haha
  8. Jason..
    What is this shit about?
  9. rehab
    It's about us secretly devising a plan to corner you in an alley and taking turns busting warm loads to your face.
  10. rehab
    So with that being said.

    Are you still interested in joing this cult? You bucktooth cumgarggler
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