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  1. Luv2Boost
    The people on this site are too immature for me. I probably won't be seen here very often, so if you need to contact me, just send a pm or come over to Supraforums. I'm always looking for a car show to go to, or sometimes go to Varsity or some other meet. Just let me know.
  2. Motivation
    I don't usually go to the Varsity. Too much drama most of the time. Are you going to be going in June? I think I might ride up there if some others are going up there.
  3. Luv2Boost
    If my car is ready by then, I might. I will post up if I'm attending.
  4. Luv2Boost
    I'm thinking of attending the monthly meet at the Avenues in Marietta next Sunday. Should be a good turnout if no rain. I will attend if I'm not working, that is.
  5. Motivation
    What exactly are the meets at the Avenues in Marietta? I might have to check them out sometime.
  6. Luv2Boost
    Well, I didn't make it out today. The car is still under construction. The Avenues is a monthly meet of more high-end cars - Ferraris, Lambos, rare, old and new makes and models of all types. It starts at 8am and ends at 11am, so there's less chance of an inundation of rice to attend to perform burnouts in the parking lot. It's actually quite a large meet.
  7. Motivation
    Oh ok, that sounds like a nice meet. Well, being as I am stuck in a honda for the time being, I guess I won't be able to attend that meet unless i find a nicer ride with someone. lol. How's the Supra coming? I wish it would notify me when this is posted in so I would remember to check it more. How have you been doing this week?
  8. Luv2Boost
    Anyone can attend. There are some Honda owners etc who attend, but just not as many as the Varsity or meets of that nature.

    I was supposed to get the Sup today, but I'm working, and I'll probably be too tired to go get it. I ordered a new turbo - P6265 Billet from Boost Logic. I should have just ordered it when I ordered the manifold, but a friend of mine wanted me to order from Titan through them. That fell through, so I took matters into my own hands.

    You can change your settings to send you notifications when things get posted.

    I've been working at TBS studios this week for a BET pilot. As of now it's kicking my ass since I worked until 11pm and had to be up this early to be there at 6am. No rest for the weary.
  9. Motivation
    Oh ok, well, that's cool. Sounds like a nice meet.

    Good deal, hopefully you'll be able to pick it up, soon. Sucks when things fall through when a friend wants to do something for you. Glad you got it ordered, though.

    Yeah, I need to change my settings

    That's no good. Long hours. But, it sounds like it is paying off to turn those kind of hours.
  10. Luv2Boost
    I towed my car home yesterday. Needless to say, I'm pissed yet again about how someone returns my car to me. My friend entrusted someone to work on it, and now it's got issues. I don't even feel like going into details, since it only puts me in a black mood. Just one more thing to fix.
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