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Thread: how to unblock p2p file sharing!!!!!!

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    Default how to unblock p2p file sharing!!!!!!

    ok, so my ISP started blocking p2p file sharing....

    it happend a while back but i just thought, oh well find a new program.
    i've been though about 8 different programs before figuring out what was really wrong. my fucking ISP is blocking ports or some shit. and idk how or if there is a way to get around it besides switching ISPs

    help me please!

    and i really dont need some dumbass coming in here telling me im lazy and should go search for it...... stupid ass thats the whole point of a forum.
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    Dude just calm down,everything will be ok you just need to go download a p2p program you want and read through the help file associated with it and it will tell you what to use and how to unblock the ports being blocked by your isp or just google it

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