Everything listed has around 500 miles on it. I am listing this for a customer who decided he wanted us to change up his build. The kit is about to start coming off the car. It can be completely off in a day or two once we have a buyer. Please feel free to pm me for more info or if you have questions about the kit.
99+2004 cobras

Spearco core intercooler 4"x18x28 about 3" in 4" out with Tial BOV and vortec mondo blower bypass 4" MAF housing meter calibrated for 83 lb injectors blow through

Supercharger Vortec YSI trim Renegade class, 26 lb pulley 8 rib drive system and all brackets $6500 Set up for Sulivan intake, stainless Braided oil lines,

Kit is good for around 1100 hp. $6500 For the complete Supercharger kit with intercooler!

Kooks stainless stepped 1 3/4-1 7/8 with 3" collector $1000 ($1800 new)

We also have:
Crower Cams
Stage 3

Designed specifically for supercharger applications for 3/4 race.

Rough Idle 7750+ rpm.
258 Lobe 258

270 Valve 270 212 Lobe 212

228 Valve 228 .484 / .484