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Thread: Track Night in America (May) - Easiest way to get on track!

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    Default Track Night in America (May) - Easiest way to get on track!

    Track Night: Atlanta - Track Night in America

    If you missed our first Track Night in America last month (Randy Pobst on Track Night - Track Night in America - Randy Pobst didn't!), be sure to make our May Track Night this coming Tuesday, May 5th. We start things up around 3:00 with the first car on track at 4:00. You need NO prior experience to drive, but if you do, you can self-tech your car, hand it to the grid chief and head out on track (10 minutes from entering the track to driving on it - MAX). It's $150 for 3x 20 minute sessions or you can sign-up for the "run/work" combo and spend $35 for 1x 20 minute session and work a corner for the rest of the event - a deal you cannot beat for those on a tight budget.

    ~6:00-6:30 we'll have an open pace lap session where ANYONE (free of charge) can get some laps on course behind our pace car. Come, sign the waiver, check out the track... ALL FREE!!!

    At this event, we're calling it BBQ Night in America b/c local Q Guru Bob Stuke will have a load of pork butts in his smoker and making snacks for people, complements of the Atlanta Region SCCA.

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    Target for this event is around 75 people... sign-up today!!!

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    So, who's coming out tomorrow for our June event: Track Night: Atlanta - Track Night in America

    Free BBQ for drivers! Have some fun, take some friends on some pace laps or just bring friends to drive! Sign-up before you come for a quick check-in. See you all there!

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