• Vintage Class Meet - October 2014

      If you missed it, it's your loss.

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      1. Mr.VENGEANCE's Avatar
        Mr.VENGEANCE -
        You are the man David!!

        and our kids had a BLAST.. next time ima bring the bows and arrows with targets.. lol!
      1. RandomGuy's Avatar
        RandomGuy -
        looks like I missed an epic show- I had too much going on this weekend.

        Lookin forward to the November Vintage Class
      1. whiteEK9kidd's Avatar
        whiteEK9kidd -
        when and where does this happen?
      1. David88vert's Avatar
        David88vert -
        3rd Sunday afternoon of each month from 1pm-4pm. Pavilion Dr. inside Liane Levetan Park at Brook Run in Dunwoody, GA. Drive something 1989 or older.
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