• Scooter Project

      Well it's getting colder and I decided to stop and tear down the scoot. There's a ton of things I have wanted to do to it, and a lot of things wrong with it. I bought this scooter for $100 and I did probably $200 worth of work to it to get it rideable. It was mistreated horrible by the original owner, and though it's a cheap Chinese scooter I like it. I see a lot of potential in it, and I could never justify spending thousands on a Ruckus. The only mods I have done so far are a better carb and Uni air filter, exhaust, and lowering it. My plans now are to clean up and paint the frame, remove the big lower kick stand, fix the kick start and delete the battery and starter, wire tuck through the frame, bmx stem and handlebars, and go lower all around. I have put around 1000 miles on it and love this thing. So I figure I would start this thread and keep progress on what I am doing to it. Leave a comment and let me know what you think, and suggestions are welcome for sure. Thanks!!!

      Here is mock up on the BMX stem and bars.

      And here are some of the tabs I plan to remove.

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