• Recent pics of my EF hatch -- 1989 Civic Si

      Figured I'd share some photos, seems like I haven't posted here in forever!
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      1. Scotsman's Avatar
        Scotsman -
        love it! EF's makin the comeback on here ,lol , need Josh to get a thread up
      1. uproot's Avatar
        uproot -
        Yeah man! I should tell him to post up too
      1. Scotsman's Avatar
        Scotsman -
        maybe even Dare
      1. -EnVus-'s Avatar
        -EnVus- -
      1. FasTech's Avatar
        FasTech -
        Never been a huge fan of EF's period but I love yours, man. Great job on the wheel choice, they're 100% perfect on the car.
      1. RandomGuy's Avatar
        RandomGuy -
        Always liked it!

        Attachment 246338
      1. quickdodgeŽ's Avatar
        quickdodgeŽ -

        I remember back in 1988 I was new car shopping for myself. I had just graduated high school and had already been accepted to Georgia Tech and was wanting a new car for the commute downtown and back. I went to Conyers Honda and looked at a bright red (ugh) 1988 Civic EX. Test drove it and kept it for the weekend. Was thoroughly ready to get it until a few days later my grandparents came home with my "famous" 1980 Datsun 210 wagon.

        If I had gotten that Civic, it probably would have ended up looking pretty much like yours Uproot. Good job, my friend. That's the exact level of subtly I like to see in these cars. Would be cool to get your car and CSmith's car and mine in a photo together (every 10 years).
      1. C230K's Avatar
        C230K -
        For its age, this thing is clean, I would eat food off of this car
      1. CDangerfield's Avatar
        CDangerfield -
        I'd tap that.
      1. SHHHH's Avatar
        SHHHH -
        Great looking car
      1. RandomGuy's Avatar
        RandomGuy -
        I never considered those "old school" until recently... The clean ones you see out now are the old skool folk
      1. uproot's Avatar
        uproot -
        Haha! The QD Seal of approval! Thanks man, and that's awesome. I still remember riding in my aunt's 1991 Civic DX hatchback, brand new off the lot. It was awesome.

        I agree we should do some photos.
      1. Genji-Sama's Avatar
        Genji-Sama -
        Undoubtedly, one of the nicest EFs I've seen
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