• Plasti Dip you wheels DIY Guide with TONS of pics!

      Ok guys, so we decided to Plasti Dip the BRZ wheels and made sure to take lots of picture to document it in order to help anyone interested in doing it themselves:

      Obviously first things first, get the car off the ground in order to get the wheels off of it.

      Next thing we take put the wheels to the side and start to get them ready for a good old hand cleaning.

      First we use a light de-greaser to take off any road debris and dirt.

      After letting the de-greaser sit for a few minutes we rise with water.

      Next we used clean towels to dry the wheels completely.

      Use an air compressor to help get rid of any excess water in the nooks and crannies

      After drying we decided to use micro-fiber clothes ensure everything was off the rims

      After the wheels are completely dry we started to tape the tires off

      When taping the wheels make sure to use 2"-3" pieces of tape to ensure a nice clean masking

      Now its time to start to spray. We made sure to do MANY light coats at first. Here is what the wheel looks like after the first coat

      Up close of the first coat

      We proceeded to do light coats on all 4 wheels until the first can was out. After the first can was completely finished this is what the wheels looked like

      Another close up of the wheels after 1 can was used on all four wheels

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      1. Vteckidd's Avatar
        Vteckidd -
        Did mine last week. Use note cards between the tires and rim to get perfect spray . my .02
      1. dtmcnamara's Avatar
        dtmcnamara -
        I saw this and think next time I will try it. The painters tape is how I have always done it and it has worked great, if you take the time to make sure everything is perfect. The only problem is that it takes forever to get it done correctly.
      1. Captain-Obvious™'s Avatar
        Captain-Obvious™ -
        Yeah, note cards are quick and easy. Not to mention more forgiving.
      1. alex14's Avatar
        alex14 -
        I have a stack of playing cards for this exact reason. I think I'm going to plasti-dip my wheels next week. thanks for the write up.
      1. C230K's Avatar
        C230K -
        Where can I buy plastic dip and is there in color red?
      1. Vteckidd's Avatar
        Vteckidd -
        Black and silver is what I see mostly at Home Depot or Lowes, but you can get any color online.

        Amazon, Home Depot, etc all carry it online
      1. C230K's Avatar
        C230K -
        ^Thanks you guys, I went to Ace Hardware store and bought some there and dipped my grill, very pleased with the results
      1. Bacon's Avatar
        Bacon -
        I wish they made a deeper red so I can do my R6.
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