• Planet Potency hanging out in Little Five Points, Atlanta

      Planet Potency is one of the sickest local car clubs in ATL. They have members all over the US, but a really strong foothold in Atlanta. Riding together in packs of massively boosted single-turbo MKIV Supras, a RHD 240sx, and a bunch of other clean cars, they are simply badass. They deal with all things potent in nature.

      Not only are they car enthusiasts, but they are a group of artists. They love working on music, graphic design, clothing, and even photography / videography. They are seasoned do it yourselfers and have some pretty beastly machines to back it up. The leader of Planet Potency, Ralph, has two MKIV supras himself.

      Check them out on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/planetpotency/info

      Their website explains what they are better than we can: www.planetpotency.com

      Check out some pictures we took in the heart of Atlanta:

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