• My car got featured in S3 Magazine!!!

      Awesome news....well for me at least!!! The newest issue of S3 magazine was just released.....and my car is a feature!!!! Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics, just excited to share even though the car look way different now lol

      You can see the digital version online for free!: http://s3mag.com/issues/S3-Issue27.pdf

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      1. RL...'s Avatar
        RL... -
        congrats, it is a nice car.
      1. Dylan's Avatar
        Dylan -
        These cars are taking off nicely. Well done
      1. 1CleanEg's Avatar
        1CleanEg -
        Congrats man. Car looks great!
      1. Sammich's Avatar
        Sammich -
        damn that's what's up
      1. Boosting EG's Avatar
        Boosting EG -
      1. RandomGuy's Avatar
        RandomGuy -
        Wow, there's an influx of clean FR-s's in ATL now. Nice!
      1. uproot's Avatar
        uproot -
        Hey, I did that layout haha! I had no idea this was yours, that's too cool.
      1. Carmeekee's Avatar
        Carmeekee -
        nice build! congrats!
      1. dc2killa's Avatar
        dc2killa -
        Plain and Simple just the way it's suppose to be. Congrats!
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