• Justin's Turbo FR-S


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      1. Sinfix_15's Avatar
        Sinfix_15 -
        Swag, this car has it.
      1. RandomGuy's Avatar
        RandomGuy -
        holy fkin sht!

        nice pics
      1. David88vert's Avatar
        David88vert -
        Great shots
      1. Sammich's Avatar
        Sammich -
        so much white on purp after i did
      1. YoshiFD3S's Avatar
        YoshiFD3S -

        From the solid red tail-lights (A++++) to the clean and simple look, I have to give TWO BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG thumbs up for this FR-S!!!

        Absolutely impeccable taste.

        I'm not so huge on the purple rims, as I think just keeping the XD9's a mid to dark-ish grey/silver would have looked nice...overall this car is absolutely awesome!

        Well done, sir.

        Flawless Victory!
      1. Boosting EG's Avatar
        Boosting EG -
      1. Ch0psticks11's Avatar
        Ch0psticks11 -
        clean & simple.....great pics too
      1. j0nbunklah0m's Avatar
        j0nbunklah0m -
        what kind of power does this make?
      1. khal.lawson's Avatar
        khal.lawson -
      1. C230K's Avatar
        C230K -
        I love everything about this car
      1. CB7tuner's Avatar
        CB7tuner -
        thanks for the love guys
      1. 00CelicaGT's Avatar
        00CelicaGT -
        Only thing missing is a Big Brake Kit. Car looks Amazing!
      1. tdurr's Avatar
        tdurr -
        How much is this guy making? I love ur progress Justin. Looks better everytime I see pics of it.
      1. YoshiFD3S's Avatar
        YoshiFD3S -
        If I ever get rid of my FD, I think turbo'ing an FRS/BRZ is the only modern car I could see replacing it.
      1. nintendobratkat's Avatar
        nintendobratkat -
        Digging the cute purple wheels. = )
      1. SHHHH's Avatar
        SHHHH -
        Looks good!
      1. 2turbo4u's Avatar
        2turbo4u -
        Enough respect for a well done car
      1. Bacon's Avatar
        Bacon -
        Love the purple Works.
      1. JEY$JDM's Avatar
        JEY$JDM -
        damn sh!ts bad as fawk
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