• Jordan Riegelhaupt's Audi A6


      Thanks for looking

      Full set of photos here

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      1. Sammich's Avatar
        Sammich -
        this is greatness
      1. 1CleanEg's Avatar
        1CleanEg -
        Sweet baby Jesus.... Perfect
      1. Franco Tirador's Avatar
        Franco Tirador -
        the weather was perfect for this shoot, love it!
      1. quickdodgeŽ's Avatar
        quickdodgeŽ -
        Now this looks awesome.
      1. .blank cd's Avatar
        .blank cd -
        Euro guys sure have a handle on the offset game.
      1. ramazanpz's Avatar
        ramazanpz -
        Very nice!!!!
      1. RandomGuy's Avatar
        RandomGuy -
        Epic Shoot. Perfection.
      1. ssonsk's Avatar
        ssonsk -
        Not bad
      1. rollininstyle2004's Avatar
        rollininstyle2004 -
        Thanks everyone!

        Quote Originally Posted by Franco Tirador View Post
        the weather was perfect for this shoot, love it!
        We lucked out, it had been raining ALL day and it was the only time I was free the weekend I was back in GA, the rain managed to let up perfectly for about 90 minutes while Khris was shooting, which ended up giving us a perfect overcast/cloudy day for us.

        Quote Originally Posted by .blank cd View Post
        Euro guys sure have a handle on the offset game.
        Thanks! When I picked up the wheels I had no idea how they would fit, most of the C6 guys are extremely conservative with their wheels so I wasn't sure how much poke there would be, if I would need spacers, etc. However once I mounted them up they sit pretty perfectly. At ride height there is a subtle poke, and the rears are about as aggressive as possible to be able to tuck, the fender rubs the lip of the wheel the whole way down.
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