• G35 detail

      I had a few hours today to detail my car and this is a list of what was done.
      The entire exterior was washed with CG maxisuds via 2 bucket method and clayed

      Wheels: Decontaminated with Iron X, clayed, sealed with FK1000p
      Exhaust tips: sealed with FK1000p
      Paint: Polished with PC and CG orange pad+M105 then CG white pad+M205, CG EZ crème glaze applied, then CG jetseal 109 and finally CG 50/50 concourse wax
      Headlights/taillights/grill: applied CG jetseal 109 and finally CG 50/50 concourse wax
      Interior/rubber/plastics: Cleaned with all purpose cleaner than dressed with Aerospace 303
      Leather: Cleaned and agitated with CG leather cleaner+brush then applied CG leather conditioner
      Tires: Cleaned with APC than dressed with CG VRP dressing
      Windows/sunroof: Cleaned, clayed, polished with PC+glass pad+Ceriglass glass polish, than cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol than applied G Techniq G1 glass sealant

      video of a quick walk around
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      1. -EnVus-'s Avatar
        -EnVus- -
        Looks good +reps on a nice job and car
      1. Doppelgänger's Avatar
        Doppelgänger -
        Looks great Sir
        Ugh, I need to hit mine with a high speed + light cut, a good buff and polish...but I don't own any of that equipment lol
      1. C230K's Avatar
        C230K -
        Its going to rain this weekend
      1. Mr.Ek9's Avatar
        Mr.Ek9 -
        Quote Originally Posted by C230K View Post
        Its going to rain this weekend
        And... This is not a look good for the weekend job. This is correction and protection to last months.

        Good Job OP. Nice selection of product.
      1. RM3's Avatar
        RM3 -
        Very nice...
      1. xxCaliKidxx's Avatar
        xxCaliKidxx -
        Wow nice clean job!
      1. cleanion31's Avatar
        cleanion31 -
        Hella Clean sir
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