• Formula Drift @ Road Atlanta 5.12.12

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      1. Franco Tirador's Avatar
        Franco Tirador -
        good coverage
      1. dvtek4sir's Avatar
        dvtek4sir -
        LOL @ the license plate on the Audi
      1. Elbow's Avatar
        Elbow -
        The guy in the wrecked G35 was lucky he wasn't hurt, HARD impact. He did a whole 180 in the air.
      1. ZenMotors's Avatar
        ZenMotors -
        good pics... no love for us though.
      1. Rhys.'s Avatar
        Rhys. -
        Great coverage.. Wiish i would have went
      1. georgieboi's Avatar
        georgieboi -
        Damn I should have went....
      1. JDMbabe's Avatar
        JDMbabe -
        great coverage!
      1. Elbow's Avatar
        Elbow -
        Quote Originally Posted by ZenMotors View Post
        good pics... no love for us though.
        Were you all doing the Global Crash Attack?
      1. C230K's Avatar
        C230K -
        Hate that i missed it, but thanks for the pics
      1. matthewAPM's Avatar
        matthewAPM -
        Dang not a single picture of my car

        I was in the red NA miata running the Global Time Attack event if ya got any...
      1. Drummerboy's Avatar
        Drummerboy -
        I think thats the k20 swapped mr2
      1. down_shift's Avatar
        down_shift -
      1. killercd4g63's Avatar
        killercd4g63 -
        lol that camero ate shit hard towards the end. Epic.
      1. RandomGuy's Avatar
        RandomGuy -
        Quote Originally Posted by ZenMotors View Post
        good pics... no love for us though.
        I tried! Yall are too elusive.

        Was the "flawless" is300 with yall? I think I did get some IS300's on video, I know I got batlgrounds, 93% sure I got one of yours. I'll put the vid up once we're done.
      1. thetaste's Avatar
        thetaste -

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