• East Coast KDM photo shoot in Little 5 points, Atlanta - Lotsa Graffiti

      East Coast KDM is a group of Hyundai/Kia Car Enthusiasts that are based along the East Coast. The group was started in the Altanta, GA area in early 2012, but it has quickly spread and developed into other chapters, including the Tristate area. Members of ECKDM get together often to showcase their cars and their hard work, attend events, and more importantly - just to hang out.

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      1. TruK1lla's Avatar
        TruK1lla -
        Why is this photoshoot so hottt! Jizzzzz
      1. red93delsol's Avatar
        red93delsol -
        8th annual Piedmont Throttle Kings Car Show and Swap Meet
        All cars welcome
      1. scarimports's Avatar
        scarimports -
        Great cars and great background .Our local club is on about doing a similar shoot which may look great also.
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