• Dyno day at 3face racing 11.24.13. I took lots of pictures.

      Yesterday, 3face racing in Conyers held one of the most badass events in a while. They had a Dyno Day where a bunch of awesome cars came out, hung out, and enjoyed some good food and conversation. I went out there with Ray IsAlive and we took some pics. The supra sounded insane in person. I don't know who else came out, but the truck was an epic disappointment. Everyone was expecting for it to make some crazy numbers, but it had some various failures. There were some pretty strong honda builds in action, revving really high. Overall I had a blast there and I look forward to the next one. Shout out to the homies at 3face racing. Great event!

      Check out the pics I took. I know some suck and some are duplicates, I don't care. I got some coverage for those who couldn't make it.

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