• DECEMBER VINTAGE CLASS Oldschool Car Meet - This Sunday 12/21 @ 12PM Dunwoody

      Hey fellas..

      This is Amir from Garage Zero, the Streetfighters c.c., and Burn Unit crew..

      Some of yall know me on here and some dont.. im the guy with the LS7 67 Camaro.

      Anyways.. Ive been thinking.

      I have for the last few months seeing a slight growth of oldschool rides here in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.. and it seemed to me that Oldschool ride folks really want to kick it with other old ride guys.. even if its just some lets meet up on Sunday shit.
      but they cant find eachother..

      Us at GarageZero have kindof been the oasis for oldschools here for a while and what normally happens is that folks ride by the shop on a Saturday or Sunday and see if we are around.. but lately the shop has been closed and usually John is doing family stuff then.. but the rest of us( Mainly the Burn Unit crew ) still are down to meet up!.. even just to kick it lightly..

      im not talking about a BBQ everytime we meet..
      im not talking about a car show everytime we meet..
      im not talking about pressure everytime we meet..

      just a plain old OLD SCHOOL Monthly Meetup that I want to throw together.. don't call up John if you have his number asking about this, I am putting this out there on my own.. seeing that the need is there for us.. we need to unite! John will catch up later..

      now.. i know your asking.. hey Amir.. where at?!

      If some of you guys know where Garage Zero is then you know very close where i'm talmbout.

      Im thinking to have it at:

      Liane Levetan Park at Brook Run

      4770 N. Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA, 30338

      its pretty much right smack dab in the middle of us all i think.. close to the northside guys, and close to the southside guys.. and more importantly in an area that is pretty much a strait shot from the highway(good airflow for an oldschool cooling deficiencies.) and no traffic in the area to worry about overheating your oldschool.. one shot.. your there.

      now.. heres the OTHER thing..
      I dont have permission to make a big meet there.. so it would have to be some "oh hi, I just saw these guys on the highway and told them to stop so I could check out their car Mr.Authority"

      sides.. I dont think it will be that big to where it will even cause enough of a stir.

      so the question is..

      Are you guys down to help me do this?.. get the word out to all the Oldies out there in ATL and the surrounding who want to have our own thing?

      Either way.. I go there to skateboard so even if there isnt a good turnout and you ride boards theres something to do!
      the skatepark that happens to be RIGHT NEXT to where we would be parking..

      so heres the stipulation for this..

      OLDSCHOOL.. and ONLY OLDSCHOOL can park together.
      from the years 1910 to 1989.. i dont care if its a horse and carriage.
      Chevy, Ford, Mopar, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Bmw, Benz, VW, Audi.. whatever..

      This is all about CLASS.. not swag so no nonsense, we are going to keep this kinda incognito.. so keep the hooning, drifting, and burnouts out.. but if you have an oldie you already know this.. if not we might make you know it.
      and leave your beefs at home, beef is only good for the burger business.. lets hang and enjoy the fact that Oldschools take REAL HEART to build.. and build is the keyword here.


      How about [b]the 3rd Sunday or Saturday of the month?[b].. hows that sound?
      starting next month!

      where again?

      Liane Levetan Park at Brook Run

      4770 N. Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA, 30338

      for any questions email me through my site:
      The Street Fighters

      I hope this can take off.. please pass this around so all the oldguys know cause Ive been seeing them out and i know



      and a couple of us GarageZeroes and BurnUnits..and some know how we get down..

      come and join us!.. come by and hang!

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      1. Mr.VENGEANCE's Avatar
        Mr.VENGEANCE -
        i guess the VC meet is tomorrow!.. crept up on me!
      1. gt4rcdude's Avatar
        gt4rcdude -
        This year my car qualifies for vintage tags. I'm totally crashing this party this year!
      1. David88vert's Avatar
        David88vert -
        Anyone can come out to the meet. It's open to all, but had a focus on pre-1990 cars.
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