• couple more pics of my g35

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      1. ramazanpz's Avatar
        ramazanpz -
        love the wheels!
      1. Athens_Red_Rexin's Avatar
        Athens_Red_Rexin -
        Man these wheels on that car is great. I think it's the white lettering on the wheels, they wouldn't look as good without it. My favorite G35 for sure.
      1. VQ35 Star's Avatar
        VQ35 Star -
        specs on wheels?
      1. RL...'s Avatar
        RL... -
        Thanks yeah I like the wheels a lot too. 19x9.5 10.5 +22. Nothing crazy.
      1. VQ35 Star's Avatar
        VQ35 Star -
        same specs as my LEs, damn i need fatter tires, what are you tire sizes? im running 275/35 and 245/35
      1. sprix!'s Avatar
        sprix! -
        Looking pretty good man- I'm never disappointed with this car.
      1. MOWE's Avatar
        MOWE -
        Looks clean..I used to have LE's on my Z....

        My only critique would be that I like center caps on my wheels....so I would like to see the Carbon Fiber Volk center caps....other then that nice job
      1. Doppelgänger's Avatar
        Doppelgänger -
        I'd stare at it if I were next to it in traffic lol
      1. black_e92's Avatar
        black_e92 -
        Thumbs up!
      1. RL...'s Avatar
        RL... -
        thanks! Mike I wish I couldve stick around and talked for a bit tonight but had to run! Next time.
      1. Doppelgänger's Avatar
        Doppelgänger -
        It'saw good mang.
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