• A bunch of friends are cruising out to Panama City this weekend. Feel free to join

    What up!

    It's Mike Bain, one of the IA photographers. We are going to end the summer with a bang and head down to PC this weekend (Friday evening)

    We're meeting up with some friends down there and some other gear heads and grilling out near the pier. Some of us will be out there fishing and shit. Really looking forward to this. Well take cool photo shots the whole trip. We'll probably go our own way Saturday and link back up Sunday Morning at noon.

    Everyone is meeting up at Pier Park in PCB at 12noon Sunday Morning (Septmber first). If you have any buddys down that way, plz let them know!

    Kind of last minute but the best things are unplanned.

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    1. WhiteMike's Avatar
      WhiteMike -
      more info for yallz

      so stoked for this

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    1. gt4rcdude's Avatar
      gt4rcdude -
      You guys have fun. I'll be at DragonCon this whole weekend.
    1. D3UC3S's Avatar
      D3UC3S -
      I'm gonna try to make this. Wife is having surgery Friday so if she is feeling ok I may ride. If not, I'm gonna be playing nanny all weekend.
    1. Echonova's Avatar
      Echonova -
      Sounds like a blast! I already have plans for this Labor Day weekend though.
    1. RandomGuy's Avatar
      RandomGuy -
      I may join yall- still considering it as I have a wedding to be at Saturday.
    1. clumsy_smurf's Avatar
      clumsy_smurf -
      Im here with friends ill try to meet. In a lowered 12 si she wants her car photographed also lol
    1. admedlin's Avatar
      admedlin -
      I'm here, no import anymore though . Watch for a red dodge ram 1500 hemi with a hard cover over the bed to drive by
    1. clumsy_smurf's Avatar
      clumsy_smurf -
      Im here where yall ia people at
    1. WhiteMike's Avatar
      WhiteMike -
      Attachment 247326We were there, We didn't forsee the parking situation so it was hard to assemble in one place.

      The meet was very short after we had to relocate for more spots.

      We ended up fishing on the pier and then back to the bday party.
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