• 2013 FR-S project

      Thought i'd update some photos of my car since the last post.

      anyway, some of you may have seen or remember my thread but my car has been through a lot of changes the past few months.
      So i thought i would share some of the progress up to date. Enjoy

      As many of you saw it last and may have seen it on StanceNation

      Well i've tracked it a few times this year and will throughout the year

      Whored out a few set of wheels starting with some SSR Mesh

      Here's a shot next to my brothers FRS

      Then some Volk Racing TE37 SL's

      Heres a shot taken last night. With Ken Gushi and the homies.

      Right now, im getting her ready for the 2013 show season thats about to open up so i thought i'd share these before
      i tear her down and rebuild. Thanks for viewing.
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      1. nocar96's Avatar
        nocar96 -
        im glad to see more FRS/BRZ's running around ATL area.
        Keep it up, Im sure you guys are enjoying them as much as i do.
      1. j0nbunklah0m's Avatar
        j0nbunklah0m -
        sex. i like the mesh wheels a lot.
      1. ramazanpz's Avatar
        ramazanpz -
      1. 91LudeSiT's Avatar
        91LudeSiT -
        I liked the enkei wheels the best, but I'm not a huge fan of the frs.
      1. EJ_Allmota's Avatar
        EJ_Allmota -
        loving it homie.. cant wait to see what you have coming with it now..
      1. MeFryRice's Avatar
        MeFryRice -
        I really really want one now...your's is my favorite (with the RPF1's) out of all the ones on the road today.
      1. RL...'s Avatar
        RL... -
        I wish more cars were tall people friendly or else I'd get one of these. Nice work on the mods, rpf1's look best, Volk te37 SL's would look best if they werent red, but black or grey.
      1. AV8ter's Avatar
        AV8ter -
        Quote Originally Posted by RL... View Post
        I wish more cars were tall people friendly or else I'd get one of these. Nice work on the mods, rpf1's look best, Volk te37 SL's would look best if they werent red, but black or grey.
        Not sure how tall you are but I'm 6'3" and I've got plenty of room in them. Lots of headroom and legroom.
      1. Elbow's Avatar
        Elbow -
        Looks awesome with the RPF1s, I'd say lose the stickers but if it's a show car I guess they're sponsors? lol
      1. boostedb16's Avatar
        boostedb16 -
        nice ass car, would 6'5" fit lol.
      1. MachNU's Avatar
        MachNU -
        Every single wheel choice was epic, except the red TE37's. The last set of wheels in the final picture is amazing!

        Its interesting...I have worked on 17 BRZ/FRS's and not one of them comes close to looking as good as the four in the group picture.
      1. Eric She's Avatar
        Eric She -
        Great pics! Kudos OP
      1. The Beard's Avatar
        The Beard -
      1. Doppelgänger's Avatar
        Doppelgänger -
        Oddly enough, I like the red Volks the best. That's the ricer side of me I guess. I've seen too many sets of RPF1s, though they do look great.
      1. SHHHH's Avatar
        SHHHH -
        Neat little go karts
      1. Julio's Avatar
        Julio -
        Cars look great.. They look fast for some reason.
      1. nocar96's Avatar
        nocar96 -
        Thanks for the kind words.

        Yes stickers were only for the track and a show, which are coming off.
        Volks were only test fitted for wheel fitment. I'm not a fan of the red on my car either way.
        But this should be a fun year, I will update accordingly
      1. southside's Avatar
        southside -
        Thanks for posting pics of my car all over IA!!!!!!!!!!

        JK didnt get a chance to get out to Cali.Job sent me back to PA catch you next time.
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