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Thread: Formula Drift 2013 Round 2: Global Time Attack

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    Default Formula Drift 2013 Round 2: Global Time Attack

    Photos by: Jon Davis - Jason Scott - Joseph Dale

    Donald Squirek's Miata from Rspeed Motorsports Lran a 1;53 placed 3rd in Enthusiast RWD class.

    Doug Wind's SRT4 from Modern Performance in Limited FF rand a 1:34 , set a new record and finished 1st. LDoug's SRT4 won last years GTA Limited FF class, looks to be on the way to taking it all home again this year.

    Daniel Walters S2000 from Deft Motion ran a 1:41 placed 3rd in Street Rwd.

    Dyson Pham ran a 1:42 from Im In Trouble Racing and placed 4th in Street RWD. LThe Hondas were very well represented during the event, they got more track time than anyone with out any breakdowns and set some good times.

    Vince Spadea's Lexus IS300 from ZEN Motors ran a 1:38.2 placed 1st in Street RWD. LZen Motors was disqualified last year because of forgetting to have a catalytic converter, but came back and did very well.

    Tony Szirka's Mitsubishi Evo from UMS Tuning/UMS Racing Lran a 1:31 and placed 2nd in Unlimited AWDL

    Travis Barnes 03 WRX from Snail Performance ran a 1:32 and placed 3rd in Unlimited AWD. LTravis took a spill early in the day at Turn 2 and 3, but handled it very well and did not hit the wall or damage the car. LAnd managed not to get any dirt on the track. L

    Istvan Klang's 06 Subaru STI ran a 1:37 in the Street AWD classL

    Whit Staples Mitsubishi Evolution from Fortune Auto/Atlantic Motorsport ran a 1:29 and set the fastest time of the day and took home first in Unlimited AWD. LWhit was tearing it up in the Evo, it was not a surprise to see him place 1st in the Unlimited AWD class and set the fastest time for the day.

    Phil Grabow's Scion FR-S from Element Tuning ran a 1:43 and placed first in Enthusiast RWD class

    Andrew Meeks Integra Type R from WE-Todd_Did_Racing Lran a 1:51 and placed 3rd in Limited FF class

    Cooper Pierce's 94 Honda Civic from Cooper Racing ran a 1:44 and placed first in Street FWD and set a new track record. LOne of the favorites of the day was Cooper and his EG hatch. LHe really gave it hell on the track. LThe coolest part was that he drove the car from Kansas competed won, set a new record, and drove the car home....bravo!L

    Steve Ruyan's Nissan 350Z from SOHO motorsports ran a 1:45 and placed 6th in Street RWD class

    Robert Paszkiewicz's Acura Integra ran a 1:27 and placed 2nd in Limited FF class. LRobert's Integra was powered by a stock B18B and held its own.

    Joe Ippolito's Nissan 370z from Z1 Motorsports ran a 1:39 L

    Sharif Abdelbaset's GTR from Forged Performance ran a 1;30 in Exhibition. L

    Daniel O'donnel's Mitsubishi Evo 7 from Professional Awesome ran a 1:31 in the Limited AWD class.

    Daniel O'Donnel took a bad spill off the high speed Turn 1. LTurn 1 is a really high speed turn that can make or break your lap, coming off the front straight you want to push it to the max to keep your straight speed throughout the turn. LDaniel caught a bit of the outer turn and lost it into the barrier. LDaniel was not injured at all and walked away from the accident. LAt the end of the event some of the drivers that won prize money, donated their winnings to Daniel. LAll of this went on as 98% of the crowd was watching top 16 FD qualifying as a true sign of class and sportsmanship. L

    Austin Cabot's Scion FR-S from GT Motoring / Challenge USA ran a 1:48 in the LEnthusiast RWD class

    Pierre Paniagua's Nissan S14 from BRE Motorsport ran a 1:48 doing test and tune with their new LS7 setup. LPierre was pretty much cruising around the track and breaking in the new car. LI really wanted to see what it could do in full force. L

    Kevin Parlett's G35 from SOHO Motorsports ran a 1:48 in Limited RWD, Lonly ran a few laps and had some issues with the car. LKevin Parlett made his return back in the G35 that was wrecked last year at the same event. LHis day was really short with some minor gremlins so we never got any solid pictures of him on the track. L

    Tony Wiesenhahn's Subaru WRX faced some crank issues early in the day and never saw much track time after the first few runs on friday.



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    Great coverage.
    "Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting." - Steve McQueen

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    Nice pics.

    Too many Ls. lol

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