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Thread: Hot Import Nights | Global Time Attack | XDC Drift Finals - Texas Motorspeedway

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    Default Hot Import Nights | Global Time Attack | XDC Drift Finals - Texas Motorspeedway

    LLast weekend at Texas Motor Speedway a few series closed out their season,LXtreme Drift CircuitL,LHot Import Nights, andLGlobal Time AttackLheld a co-op event. LGonna split the posts up, and start off with some of the Hot Import Night photos.


    One of the OG Swang & Bang cars made an appearance. L

    Texas had a big impact last year on the scene, there were a lot of big car builds. LWe seemed to have been some what relaxed this go round. L LA lot of the cars that came out today were cars I have not seen on the Houston streets.

    LIt could have been that it was an official legit show with awards that brought out some of these cars. LThere has been a lot of meets and small gatherings in Houston, but not too many shows on this level.

    Missed a front shot of the Yaris.

    With Wekfest being held 2 weeks after this event, it was sneak peak at what Texas will bring out to Wekfest.

    Something you really do not see too often, What Monsters Do did a quick write up on the car, apparently its owned by the Marketing Manager of Enkei wheels.

    Hot Import Nights is attempting a comeback to its tour, after a break the last few years. LAnd people seem to be taking the show serious by bringing out their best.

    Team Emotion 370Z on VS-XX

    G35 Coupe from Team 16niss

    Global Time AttackLseries is growing to be one of our favorite events. LIt features so many of the grassroot racers up against some of the big budget race teams. LMost of the GTA events are held along side other events, so it makes each event so much more entertaining. LI only got a few photos of the event, because there was so much going on with the XDC drift & hot Import Nights show. LEnjoy!


    LCheck out the results here on their results page

    The final set of coverage of the XDC | Hot Import Nights | Global Time Attack event.


    Forrest Wang doesn't play any games when it comes to his drift car as you can see

    Forrest Wang wearing a huge smile after getting Second Place in Round Six

    Forrest Wang and Mike Pollard taking it over behind Garret Nikolich's car in the pits

    By far one of the Best looking drift cars I have ever seen in person..

    Garret Nikolich driving the 1JZ GetNutsLLaboratoryLS13L

    Mike Pollards crazy SR-powered S13

    Mike Pollard Rolling in after his first place finish during Round 6L

    Sarah Burgess's nasty Mustang..L

    She was killing it in practice, but unfortunately didn't qualify for Round 7L

    Smoke Clouds for Days

    Look at those Sun Flares, that is Art..

    Rapper Dan Savages Sikky powered Siltruck was on fire, definitely one of the faster cars out that weekend

    Will Parson another Texas Driver throwing it down all weekend in the Corolla that could..

    Chelsea Denofa rolling out to the Top 16 introductionsL

    Chelsea's E46 was definitely one of the fastest cars out there all weekendL

    Chelsea waving to the crowd during the Top 16 Introductions

    One of the many Hometown Heroes representing the Texas drift scene.. Stewart Leask

    Stewart dropping some wheels and throwing some sparks during Round 7L

    Geoff Stoneback another Sikky powered S14 representing theLPennsylvaniaLarea LL

    Mike Pollard Celebrating after his First Place Finish during Round 6

    Check out XDC.COM for future events.

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    Nice pics! Seemed like a good event w/ lots to see.
    Quality Perfomance and Fabrication!!

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