Location: charlotte, nc
Means of Contact (PM? Email? Phone?): thaoc @ hotmail.com
Price: $500
Wheel Size: 16x7
Wheel Offset: +45
Lug Pattern: 5x114.3 ONLY!
Tires Included: Yes
Tire Specs (Type n/a if not available) : 205/55/16 fronts about 80% rear..225/50/16. bald.

got these wheels in a trade with another member on here.
painted them flat black as opposed to the ugly shiny black color they come in.
the sizes are 16x7 +45 if i remembered correctly.
and tires are stock s2000 sizes.. 205/55/16 fronts about 80% left
rear..225/50/16. bald.

WTT for 5x114.3 wheels only! 16"-18"...throw me ur offers..worst i can say is no. AP2's, XXR's, Rotas..etc.

here's the most recent pics.