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Thread: 1995 BMW 740I - $3500 OBO or trade

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    Default 1995 BMW 740I - $3500 OBO or trade

    1995 BMW 740I

    I've not had this car too long and I love it, but it's just too large for me. I rarely have the need for this much space, so Id rather trade it for something smaller or more useful to me. I traded another car I owned for this one and have been slowly doing small things as I drive it. Runs and drives awesome. Super smooth, engine is very strong. Has 170k hwy miles and thats going up as I am driving it. Id say paint is 7/10. There are no leaks under the car at all. Interior is in good shape, but just like the exteior its starting to show its age a little. The windshield does have a crack, and I just havent got around to replacing it yet, probably wont unless I decide to keep it, it doesnt bother me really. I average about 16-20mpg city and 20-24mpg hwy, so for the size of the engine it actually gets good mileage. It has the 4.0 v8 and automatic. Has the factory toolkit and all of the owners/users manuals.I also have some spare interior parts and other stuff to go with the car as well. Clean title.

    Im looking to sell for $3500 OBO, but I would possibly trade too if its the right trade.. something 4x4 and toyota maybe, or old japanese steel nice running 240z, etc.. Also would be interested in a 4x4 jeep wrangler, or maybe even a Mazda miata as long as its decent and has a hard and soft top. May trade for something interesting too, if its cool and runs good! Slammed beetle, etc? Old Datsuns, corollas, etc....May take other cars with some cash on top...just ask..not gonna give the car away though.

    Pros: Runs and drives awesome, handles great, has great power, no leaks, pretty much everything electric works. Interior and exterior is in pretty good shape for its age.

    Cons: windshield cracked, headliner is sagging and sunroof liner is too, throwing an 02 cel but ill be replacing that shortly, Keeps blowing windshield wiper fuse for some reason, prob not good for a place with emissions as p/o changed up the exhaust some, needs freon recharged air isnt super cold.

    If interested or you have something you want to trade I may be interested in please send me a text message at 770-530-7402. You can call me at this number as well, or email me. Full disclosure, Ill tell you everything I know about it, so please do the same. Thanks!

    Asking price $3500
    Phone number: 770.530.7402
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