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Thread: 1996 BMW 328is E36 M50 Intake, Suspension, Exhaust, LWFW, A few issues $3450 OBO

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    Default 1996 BMW 328is E36 M50 Intake, Suspension, Exhaust, LWFW, A few issues $3450 OBO

    VIN: wbabg1324tet01754

    IMPORTANT: Car will not move until the clutch pedal is properly bled.

    Up for sale is my 1996 BMW 328is. It has 187k miles. This was my project car but due to financial issues I have decided to sell it. The title is clear and I have it in hand. This car would be worth $4500 but it has a few problems.

    The water pump, radiator, thermostat, thermostat housing, and coolant expansion tank have all been replaced recently.

    The A/C works fantastically well and so does the rest of the climate control system.

    - M50 Intake Manifold
    - Jim Conforti Shark Injector tune/ECU reflash
    - Lightweight flywheel and M5 clutch
    - Bosal Brospeed cat-back exhaust
    - Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs
    - Bilstein Sport shock absorbers
    - Hawk HP Street front brake pads
    - European Glass-housing projector headlights
    - 55 watt 6000k HIDs
    - Clear front indicator housings
    - Red/Clear Rear tail light housings
    - Alpine CD Player, Boston Acoustic 6x9 rear speakers via adapter plates, stock fronts (Speakers need to be wired)

    The engine is the best part about this car, it is in great shape and pulls hard, especially in the top end. Power output with modifications is estimated to be 210-220hp at the flywheel. The lightweight flywheel is fantastic, the engine revs up and down much more quickly than it would with a stock flywheel, and the clutch has plenty of life left. The suspension modifications make this car handle incredibly well, it corners flat and grips hard.

    There are a few problems with this car though:
    - The clutch pedal has just gone out. I installed a new clutch slave, but I can't get the system to bleed properly so the clutch wont disengage. No new parts will be needed to fix this issue, just time and effort to get the system to bleed. The clutch itself is in great shape.
    - There is a vacuum leak due to a torn hose that goes from the idle control valve to the intake boot. I have temporarily fixed it with duct tape, but it idles poorly and the hose will need to be replaced so the check engine light goes off and you can pass emissions.
    - One of the rear BMW Style 68 wheels was stolen. I have 3 of the Style 68s and a replacement 15" wheel on the car.
    - The drivers side window is stuck. The switch and motor seem to be working, and the window simply seems to be jammed. It should be a relatively easy fix to get it moving again.
    - The passenger-side door panel has come off. It is common for E36 interiors to fall apart. I still have the panel and you will get it with the sale.
    - The ignition tumbler is stuck. I have a new tumbler that needs to be put in.
    - The outer front control arm ball joints need to be replaced.

    Also included with the sale is 2 245/40/17 ContiSportContact 3 tires, new rear shock mounts, guibo, center driveshaft bearing, transmission mounts, and rear trailing arm bushings.

    Basically, this E36 needs a little bit of love and it will be a great driver's car. I can't stress how good the engine is. Check out this demonstration video of the lightweight flywheel: BMW E36 328is - E28 M5 Lightweight Flywheel Test - YouTube

    Please text me at 404.402.4061. I won't pick up if you just call me, so text me first and I will call or text you back.

    I don't need help selling my car, I will not trade, I will not ship. Cash, money order, or PayPal ONLY. No warranty, car is sold AS-IS.


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