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05-24-2005, 02:32 PM
I pasted the entire thing below, but here is the link; http://ndra.nopi.com/2005/kd_d...d=438
NOPI CHIC: All cars must run headliner, carpet, door panels, dash, console and drivers seat. No rental cars allowed in NOPI CHIC

Comp 4: Disregard statement, sunroof plugs must work like factory sunroof. Sunroof plugs are allowed in class.

Power Street: AWD/RWD 4 cylinder cars are allowed to run, 1 power adder only with DOT approved street radial tires. No drag radials on AWD/RWD cars unless they are naturally aspirated. All cars are required to have a full interior for this class, no exceptions to the rule.

Turbo 4: Aftermarket shifters allowed, shifters must remain h-patterned, and non- gated. No air shifters or sequential shifters allowed.

Pro Street Tire: Remove “must run full exhaust system that exits behind rear axle”

Pro Stock: Honda K-series motor, add 50 lbs.

Pro 4 Cyninder: All Ecotec powered cars must utilize a 70 mm turbocharger.

Pro Outlaw RWD: Six Cylinder twin turbos cars are limited to P-Trim 58 mm turbos and Six Cylinder competitors running a single turbo will be limited to 74 mm. All Six Cylinder twin turbo engines are limited to a 3.1 liter displacement. Pro Outlaw RWD 4 cylinder cars are limited to a single 78 mm turbo if running adjustable clutch style transmissions.

General Rules: All classes must have a minimum of 2 qualified racers for the class to run on race weekends.

During the course of the 2005 season all classes have created challenges for the NDRA and Xbox Cup Championship competitors. First from the competitors point of view there is the lack of full fields in most classes thus there have been no full field payouts and too many bye runs. Second there is concern for disparity between competitors and the variety of four and six cylinder models, weights and turbo sizes. It is the mission of the NDRA to address these competition issues along with the best interest of the racing fans watching at the track or on NOPI TV.

Options considered in an effort to encourage more competitors were limiting power adders in certain classes or increasing power adders on certain four cylinder models, reducing their weight and creating new aero packages in an effort to level the field. We can not count on new cars being built for competition unless there are new guidelines that will be class standards with specifications that will remain in effect until at least the 2007 season. So after long hours of research and exploring all the possibilities the NDRA staff has elected to put rule changes in the opening into effect immediately and to review the results again by July 1, 2005 with expectations to keep them in place through 2007.

05-24-2005, 03:55 PM
I wonder what they mean by "rental cars"? :confused:

05-24-2005, 04:10 PM
I just got screwed out of power street class with not being able to run drag radials and can run no bigger tire than 235/60. I guess they want to cater more to the FWD and try to give Jim Hucks any easy time at his debut in Morsoso. Most of the faster Power Street cars are in FLA with all the rotary guys. Nothing against Jim, but I guess I will wait till after July 1'st to run anymore NDRA events where I don't have to guess at what is going to be legal and what is not and to determine if I need to do a couple more upgrades to get into the turbo4 class.

05-25-2005, 09:41 AM
Why can't they keep it simple?

4 cyl - Street tires/slicks.
4 cyl - Power adder/naturally aspirated.
6 cyl - Street tires/slicks.
6 cyl - Power adder/naturally aspirated.