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A.P. Photography
04-08-2005, 03:34 PM
Sell your Car Fast Ė Through Ronís Auto Sales: Consignment Service

We are now providing a consignment service for all qualified vehicles to IA.com members. This Service is at no cost to you and can be very beneficial for selling your vehicle in a timely manor.

10 benefits for consignment vehicles:

1. No phone calls at who knows what time of the day or night.
2. No making arrangements to show your vehicle.
3. No strangers coming to your home or worse, having to meet them somewhere.
4. No haggling with potential buyers.
5. Clean, secure, well lighted, state of the art facility open 7 days a week.
6. We have a large customer base, especially for imports.
7. We have financial options for potential buyers.
8. We have the means to secure your payoff.
9. Free web listing at ronsautosales.com; approximately 20,000 + hits a month.
10. Optional internet adverting and Car Fax package.

Ronís Auto Sales, Inc is located at 366 W. Pike St at Langley Dr in Lawrenceville, GA and is open 7 days a week. We Specialize in Honda, Acura, and performance cars; however we do sell many other makes and models. To see if your car qualifies, just answer 5 easy questions.

1) Current emissions (or will pass)?
2) Pass safety inspection?
3) Clean & clear title?
4) Current insurance?
5) Lien holder? If so what is pay off?

If you can answer YES, then we can assist in selling your vehicle.

Simply bring the vehicle to our location and we can begin the process. You should remove all personal effects and clean the vehicle as much as possible (detailing is available). First we will perform a safety inspection, at no charge. We will photo the car and apply the pricing as well as list in on our website.

As for the pricing; again itís very simple. We ask for you to give us the lowest possible price that you will accept for the vehicle. We will add $500 to $1000 to that price for our commission. This way we are negotiating our commission, not the price of your car. We will find a buyer for you to actually sell the vehicle to without any of the hassle.

There is an optional Advertising Package which includes Cars.com (12 photos), AutoTrader.com (9 Photos), Our Website, Carfax.com, Kellybluebook.com, Edmods.com and More. This Package retails over $300, but we offer to you for only $120.

For More Information You Can Contact Brandon or Ron At:

Ronís Auto Sales, Inc.
366 West Pike St.
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
www.RonsAutoSales.com (http://www.ronsautosales.com/)