View Full Version : 2002 Lancer ES Revival

10-14-2013, 08:04 PM
I have to say out of all the cars I went through since I first joined IA, this one has impressed me the most and has survived -- even when I felt it was ready to fall apart.

If any of you know me, I have had some bad luck with my rides. Moved to Miami with the Cabrio, lost a wheel due to a bad brake drum the previous owner did not tell me about, wrecked. Came across a 2007 Caliber...too many problems to count, returned to the owner. 1995 Nissan Altima...blown head, got fixed, rear main seal exploded oil everywhere. Got a donor Alti of the same year, consolidated all of the good parts into the donor car, got stolen, recovered, blown head and burning oil...junked both for 800, said fuck this Miami, I'm out, and before I left, I came across this Lancer that was owned by this mom, and her stepson sold it to to me for 1200.

It wasn't without its problems. Both tie rod rends were shot and the both front tires had knots in them, brakes were gone, rotors looked like burnt cheese with how dimpled they were. Car was hit in the front, so that's possibly why the tied rods were gone. It also had a broken engine mount. Surprisingly the engine and tranny are mechanically sound, even though I had a p0421 engine code. Got the car at 114k, now at 122k, and still haven't had any major issues outside of regular maintenance. Car has a very horrible Maaco Paint job You can see that the car was originally white, but I'll take care of that once all of the more pressing things are taken care of.

This is how the car first looked when I bought it.

Found a brand new hood for 150 from a girl that just had it sitting in her garage, and you can see what the original hood looked like here.

A few days later I found some Depo headlights for 80 bucks

Went ahead and pulled the hood and old headlights.

New hood and headlights installed. With the grille off, I decided to paint it flat black.

A couple weeks later, I had got bored of my recently purchased tablet and ended up trading it for some Drag DR6 rims from another member on here.

I had got a bit of spending money, so now I deemed it was time to mod the car a bit.

Well, before that, I had to take care of the park plugs wires, an valve cover, since that thing was leaking all kinds of oil. the lip came of a EK civic, but I found out the accord one fits better.

Then I headed over to my Uncle's place since he had more room and tools, to start working under the car...and took care of that motor mount.

Then it was on to the pipes.

A few days later, my short ram intake came in.

For the future, I will plan to lower it, get it painted, and possibly turbo it. We'll see.