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07-22-2013, 07:22 PM
i bought this yaris about three years ago, and it has been an epic daily driver. it's good on gas, and generally just a fun little car. I ran it bone stock in autox one year, and it actually took H stock. believe it or not, it's a great handling little car. well, as things go i really started to feel the need to modify it. currently it is sitting on some Tein S-techs ( i do plan on doing full coils at some point), a lower, wider tire. It also has a Micro-Image short shifter, a custom intake and other than some cosmetic stuff that's about it. I have plans for a lot more and i wanted to start a thread for everything i am doing to it.

The first thing i ever did to the car was paint the plastic engine cover, I had seen a lot of cool ones on the yaris forums and decided to do mine:

I liked how it came out,but after I really started to get into cars and doing modifications i wanted something better. So recently i picked up a spare valve cover, and decided to do this right. First, the cover went to the powder-coater (this image is from him when he was almost done):

After I got that back, and installed it, I realized that all the wiring in front of the motor really took away from it:

So I decided to do a partial wire tuck, which was a pain to do lol. it took about 12 hours but i think it was totally worth it. Now it's time to start saving up to get a new polished intake manifold and intake:)